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Admiralty and Maritime Law: Practitioner's Edition
By Robert Force, A.N. Yiannopoulos and Martin Davies

E. H. Harriman: Master Railroader
By Lloyd J. Mercer

E. H. Harriman: Railroad Czar
By George Frost Kennan

Ocean Transportation
By Carl E. McDowell

Railroad Consolidation: Its Economics & Controlling Principles
By Julius Grodinsky

Railroad Reorganization
By Stuart Daggett

Railroad, Rates and Regulations
By William Z. Ripley

Railroads: Finance & Organizations
By William Z. Ripley

Railroads: Rates-Service-Management
By Homer Bews Vanderblue and Kenneth Farwell Burgess

Railway Problems
By William Z. Ripley

Transcontinental Railway Strategy, 1869-1893: A Study of Businessmen
By Julius Grodinsky

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