The Framing of the Constitution of the United States The Framing of the Constitution of the United States
By Max Farrand
2000/08 - Beard Books
1587980541 - Paperback - Reprint -  428 pp.

Not intended to be a complete history, it is a brief but poignant presentation of the author's personal interpretation of what took place in the Federal Convention framing the Constitution.

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Category: Law

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The Civil War and the Constitution: 1859-1865

The writer of this thought-provoking tome spent 10 years collecting material available on the work of the Federal Convention that framed the Constitution of the United States. He brings an in-depth knowledge of the proceedings of the convention, a familiarity with the thought and expressions of the individual members, and an acquaintance with the personalities of the more important delegates. Putting this all together, he has developed a unique picture of what the delegates were trying to do and what they actually accomplished.

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A classic in American constitutional history, Farrand's famous account of the Federal Convention presents a vivid analysis of the conditions, the convictions, and the men who framed the Constitution of the United States

A reader from CA (

I had to read this book for AP history. It is a little long, but it is very informative, and detailed. It helped on the AP history exam. 

Max Farrand was a foremost historian and distinguished Yale professor.

Preface vii
Chapter Page
I. The Calling of the Federal Convention 1
II. The Convention and Its Members 14
III. The Defects of the Confederation 42
IV. The Organization of the Convention 54
V. The Virginia Plan 68
VI. The New Jersey Plan 84
VII. The Great Compromise 91
VIII. After the Compromise 118
IX.  The Committee of Detail 124
X. Details and Compromises  134
XI. The Election of the President 160
XII. Finishing the Work 176
XIII. The Completed Constitution 196
I. The Articles of Confederation 211
II. The Virginia Plan 225
III. The New Jersey Plan 229
IV. The Constitution of the United States 233
V. The Amendments to the Constitution 252
Index 261

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