Fraudulent Conveyances: A Treatise Upon Conveyances Made by Debtors to Defraud Creditors Fraudulent Conveyances: A Treatise Upon Conveyances Made by Debtors to Defraud Creditors
By Orlando F. Bump
2000/03 - Beard Books - Law Classic
1893122786 - Paperback - Reprint - 659 pp.

A useful compendium that presents a systematic and consistent theory of the law of fraudulent conveyances and arranges and classifies the authorities to support that theory.

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Category: Law

This title is part of the Treatises list.

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A Treatise on Fraudulent Conveyances and Creditors' Bills: With a Discussion of Void and Voidable Acts

The Law of Fraud and the Procedure: Pertaining to the Redress Thereof 

This exhaustive work examines conveyances designed to defraud creditors and contains references to all the cases on the subject, both English and American, at the time the treatise was written in 1872. It does not strive to identify local statutes affecting remedies, but presumes that each practitioner is familiar with the statutes of his own state. Unity and symmetry of subject matter are achieved by considering the law of fraudulent conveyances as simply a part of the common law, with the remedies afforded by common law.

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Orlando S. Bump, (1841-1884), also wrote The Law of Patents, Trade-marks, and Copyrights in 1877.

Chapter I. History of the Law of Fraudulent Conveyances 49
Chapter II. What Constitutes a Fraudulent Conveyance 61
Chapter III. Fraudulent Intent 64
Chapter IV. Badges of Fraud 76
Chapter V. Possession 101
Chapter VI. When Possession is Fraud per se 168
Chapter VII. Preferenoes 213
Chapter VIII. Bona Fides of the Transfer 227
Chapter IX. Consideration 248
Chapter X. What Transfers are within the Statute 259
Chapter XI. Voluntary Conveyances 279
Chapter XII. Nuptial Settlements 305
Chapter XIII. Subsequent Creditors 320
Chapter XIV. Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors 333
Chapter XV. Assignments Exacting Releases 426
Chapter XVI. How far a Fraudulent Transfer is Void 442
Chapter XVII. Bona Fide Purchasers 474
Chapter XVIII. Who are Creditors 484
Chapter XIX. International Law 491
Chapter XX. Executions, Judgments and Attachments 496
Chapter XXI. Executors de son tort 502
Chapter XXII. Remedies 505
Chapter XXIII. Evidence 538
Chapter XXIV. Extent of Grantee's Liability 566
Cases from the Year Books 578
Appendix (Statutes of the various States) 583
Index 609

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