Fraudulent Conveyances and Creditors' Bills A Treatise on Fraudulent Conveyances and Creditors' Bills: With a Discussion of Void and Voidable Acts
By Frederick S. Wait
2000/09 - Beard Books
1587980010 - Paperback - Reprint 

An interesting exposure to the early innovations in civil procedure affecting the rights of creditors for fraudulent conveyances of property by debtors, as well as related aspects of the law.

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Category: Law

This title is part of the Treatises list.

Of Interest:

Fraudulent Conveyances: A Treatise Upon Conveyances Made by Debtors to Defraud Creditors

The Law of Fraud and the Procedure: Pertaining to the Redress Thereof 

This treatise is an early practical guide for remedies of creditors in proceedings instituted to convert equitable assets or to reach property fraudulently alienated or held under a secret trust for the debtor. The author criticizes the tendency to curtail the creditor’s powers for relief in this area, and urges that remedies against property rights and interests should be strengthened and improved. 

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Frederick S. Wait was a member of the New York Bar Association. 

Fraudulent Conveyances and Creditors' Bills

Chapter I 1
Introductory Observations
Historical Review of the Growth of the Law concerning Fraudulent Conveyances
Various Phases of the Subject
Chapter II 43
Property Susceptible of Fraudulent Alienation
Assets Available to Creditors
Chapter III - Creditors' Remedies 77
Chapter IV - Status of Attacking Creditors 110
Chapter V - Existing Creditors 138
Chapter VI - Subsequent Creditors 148
Chapter VII - Who may be Complainants 166
Chapter VIII - Parties Defendant 193
Chapter IX - Complaint 210
Chapter X - Of the Plea or Answer 232
Chapter XI - Of the Judgment or Decree 241
Chapter XII 257
Provision Relief
Chapter XIII - Reimbursement and Subrogation 264
Chapter XIV - Intention 272
Chapter XV - Consideration 289
Chapter XVI - Indicia or Badges of Fraud 307
Chapter XVII 341
Change of Possession
Chapter XVIII - Evidence 367
Chapter XIX - Defenses 388
Chapter XX 400
Husband and Wife
Fraudulent Marriage Settlements
Chapter XXI - Fraudulent General Assignments 415
Chapter XXII - Fraudulent Chattel Mortgages 453
Chapter XXIII - Spendthrift Trusts 466
Chapter XXIV 483
Bona Fide Purchasers
Actual and Constructive Notice
Fraudulent Grantees
Chapter XXV - Preferences 512
Chapter XXVI 519
Conveyances Valid between the Parties
Relief to Defrauded Grantors
Chapter XXVII 533
Jurisdictional Questions

Void and Voidable Acts

Chapter I - Void and Voidable Acts Discussed 537
Chapter II - Voidable Acts 598
Chapter III - Ratification or Affirmance of Voidable Acts 639
Chapter IV - Avoidance of Voidable Acts 653
Index 673

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