American Arbitration: Its History, Functions and Achievements American Arbitration: Its History, Functions and Achievements
By Frances Kellor
2000/01 - Beard Books - Law Classic
1893122581 - Paperback - Reprint - 276 pp.

This book covers the rise of the American Arbitration Association and the beginnings of the important role that arbitration has come to play in the commercial arena.

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Category: Litigation

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This book makes for interesting reading as it traces the two pioneer organizations that consolidated in 1926 to form the American Arbitration Association. The role and influence of the Association in its first twenty years of existence are noteworthy as the book covers the practice of American arbitration and the American concept and organization of international commercial arbitration. The final chapter is devoted to the builders of American arbitration.

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Frances A. Kellor, 1873-1952, is noted as a famous contributor to the study of mind and society. She was a pioneering sociologist, advocate for workers, advocate for the naturalization of American immigrants, and an eminent authority on arbitration. She earned a law degree from Cornell Law School in 1897. Her studies on worldwide issues of conflict and arbitration made her a recognized authority and author in the field. She was an officer in the American Arbitration Association and prepared the Code of Arbitration in 1931.

Foreword ix
Preface xi
Part I. Theory and Organization of American Arbitration
I. The Historical Pattern 3
II. The Pattern Changes in America 9
III. The American Arbitration Association Arrives 15
IV. The American Concept of Organized Arbitration 22
V. The Association as a National Institution 29
VI. The Problem of Financing Arbitration 34
VII. Adventures in Research and Education 44
VIII. Towards a Science of Arbitration 52
Part II. The Practice of American Arbitration
IX. The General Practice of Arbitration 63
X. Civil and Commercial Arbitration 74
XI. Labor Arbitration 83
XII. Practice Under the Motion Picture Consent Decree 92
XIII. Special Practice in Accident Claims Tribunal 100
XIV. Panel Arbitrators Keynote American Arbitration 104
XV. Administrators of Arbitration Systems 110
XVI. The Arbitration Clause as an Instrument of Civilization 117
Part III. American Concept and Organization of International Commercial Arbitration
XVII. The Inter-American System 125
XVIII. Canadians and Americans Complete the Western Hemisphere System 134
XIX. The Unification of Law and Practice Makes Progress in the Western Hemisphere 140
XX. The Problem of Education in International Arbitration 144
XXI. American Action in International Commercial Arbitration 148
XXII. American Vision of Universal Commercial Arbitration 157
Part IV. Men and Events
XXIII. Twenty Years of Progress 167
XXIV. Chronology of Events 172
XXV. Builders of American Arbitration 181
I. Commercial and Labor Arbitration Rules 219
II. Arbitration Clauses 231
III. Code of Ethics for Arbitrators 235

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