Readings In American Legal History The Literature of American Legal History
By William E. Nelson and John Phillip Reid
2006/05 - Beard Books
1587982803 - Paperback - Reprint -  368 pp.

A compendium of the authors’ articles that have become classic literature in the field of American legal history.

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Category: Law

This title is part of the Legal History list.

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This book by two senior legal historians republishes their articles reviewing scholarship in the field of American legal history. In addition to summarizing what has now become classic literature in the field, the book offers illuminating insight into what it means to be a professional legal historian and into standards for evaluating legal historical writing.

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John Phillip Reid is Russell D. Niles Professor of Law Emeritus at New York University School of Law.

William E. Nelson is Edward Weinfeld Professor of Law and History at New York University.

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Foreword ix
Preface xi
Chapter One Legal History Before the 1960s 1
Chapter Two 1962 33
Chapter Three 1963 49
Chapter Four 1964 61
Chapter Five 1965 79
Chapter Six 1966: Legal History 95
Chapter Seven 1966: Constitutional History 113
Chapter Eight 1967 125
Chapter Nine 1968 135
Chapter Ten 1969/70 143
Chapter Eleven 1971/72 165
Chapter Twelve 1973/74 185
Chapter Thirteen 1976 201
Chapter Fourteen 1978 219
Chapter Fifteen 1980 235
Chapter Sixteen 1981-1984 261
Chapter Seventeen Conclusion: Standards of Criticism 303
Index 331

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