Henry Clay Frick, the Man Henry Clay Frick: The Man
By George Brinton McClellan Harvey
2002/11 - Beard Books
1587981270 - Paperback - Reprint -  390 pp.

This moving biography, written by a talented story teller, brings to life a man who was a leading businessman of his time.

Publisher Comments

Category: Biographies and Memoirs

This is the engrossing story of Henry Clay Frick (1849-1919), the industrialist, art collector, and benefactor, who rose to have absolute control of the Carnegie Steel Company, the greatest steel company of its time. This fascinating and eminently readable biography, written by a close friend, chronicles Frick's life from boyhood on. Particularly intriguing are his relationship with the Carnegie family, including his legal difficulties with Andrew Carnegie, his role in the famous Homestead labor strike, and the assassination attempt on his life.

From the back cover blurb:

Here is the engrossing story of the industrialist, art collector, and benefactor. Henry Clay Frick was born in Pennsylvania in 1849 and named after the head of the Whig Party at the time. This biography, written by a close friend, presents keen insights into the various aspects of his life from boyhood on. Especially intriguing is Frick's relationship with the Carnegie family, leading to his absolute control, at the age of forty-one, of the newly organized Carnegie Steel Company. This was the greatest steel company of its time, and included the largest coke company, employing thirty thousand men. The book reveals Frick's legal difficulties with Andrew Carnegie as well as his role during the famour Homestead labor strike. The author describes the attempted assassination of Mr. Frick, in which he was wounded, his approach to public affairs, and his role as a patriot. Such descriptions add depth to the life of the man.

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George Brinton McClellan Harvey (1864-1928) was a political journalist, editor and diplomat. He was the editor for the North American Review and Harper's Weekly, and was President of Harper & Brothers. Harvey was instrumental in the nominations of both Woodrow Wilson and Warren G. Harding and, during the latter's presidency, was the ambassador to Great Britain.

I. Ancestry 1
II. Boyhood 12
III. Beginning Business in Coke 29
IV. A Triumph of Faith and Courage 44
V. Interlude 67
VI. Enter the Carnegie 76
VII. "The Man" in Steel 93
VIII. Homestead 106
IX. The State Intervenes 124
X. Attempted Assassination 136
XI. Politics 146
XII. "The Laird" and "The Man" 160
XIII. Victory's Cost and Gain 175
XIV. Oliver and Frick 187
XV. Negotiations 200
XVI. Mr. Frick Receives His Resignation 218
XVII. The Final Dramatic Battle 227
XVIII,. Mr. Frick Wins His Fight 237
XIX. The United States Steel Corporation 258
XX. A Capitalist 269
XXI. Public Affairs 289
XXII. The Patriot 313
XXIII. An Art Collector 331
XXIV. Benefactions and Requests 334
XXV. Personality 356

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