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There are four ways to search for a particular book: use the title, keyword, author or ISBN.

Title and Keywords

Enter one or more keywords using any combination of the book's title or subject heading.  When using more than one keyword, your search results would return only the books that matches ALL of the keywords you enter.  Keep it simple, there is no need to enter any Boolean commands such as AND or OR.


If you know the author of a particular book, you may key in the first four letters of the author's last name, with the first letter properly capitalized.  However, this is the least efficient search method.


Each book in print is assigned an ISBN, or a 10-digit identifying number.  If you should know the ISBN number, you can enter it (please omit dashes) in the search box to get the correct title right away.  Beard Books titles have ISBN prefixes of 158798--- and 1893122---

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Another convenient way to look for our books is to click on the categories drop down box.  From there you would our list of categories.  Once you click on one category, you should see a list of our books in that particular category.  This can be found on every page.

Also, we have come up with the Book Lists, a narrowed-down version of our categories.  Links to these pages can be found in the home page.


If you should have problems searching our books, please do not hesitate to leave an email to our customer service personnel and get a real live person answering your questions.

Happy browsing!

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