A Treatise on the Law and Practice of Bankruptcy, Volume II: Under the Act of Congress of 1898 A Treatise on the Law and Practice of Bankruptcy: Under the Act of Congress of 1898
By Henry Campbell Black
2000/07 - Beard Books - Law Classic - Reprint
Volume I - 694 pp.
1587980517 - Paperback
Volume II - 633 pp.
1587980525 - Paperback
Volume III - 599 pp.
1587980533 - Paperback

A comprehensive treatment of the statutes and cases of the early major developments in the law and practice of bankruptcy.

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Category: Bankruptcy & Restructuring

This title is part of the Bankruptcy Primer list.

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A survey of the early major developments of the law of bankruptcy can be found in these three volumes comprising nearly 2,000 pages. While the primary focus is on the 1898 law, including a critical analysis of it, the important and authoritative rulings under the Acts of 1841 and 1867 are included as well as those under the three amendments through 1910. The author declares that the law and practice of bankruptcy has crystallized into a definitive system. Separate chapters are devoted to matters such as the rights and liabilities of secured creditors, the rights of a trustee in bankruptcy as against a prior assignee for creditors, the powers and duties of referees in bankruptcy, fraudulent and voidable conveyances by the bankrupt, preferences, and bankruptcy of corporations and partnerships.

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Henry Campbell Black, 1860-1927, was a lawyer, author, and editor. He was admitted to the bar in 1883, and practiced in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and then in St. Paul, Minnesota. In 1888 he moved to Washington, D.C. and thereafter followed legal literature as a career. He was an editor for The Constitutional Review and authored numerous books on legal subjects. 

Chapter I The National Bankruptcy Act and Its Effect on State Laws
Chapter II Courts of Bankruptcy, Their Jurisdiction and Powers
Chapter III Appellate Jurisdiction and Procedure
Chapter IV Referees in Bankruptcy, Their Appointment and Qualifications
Chapter V Powers and Duties of Referees
Chapter VI Acts of Bankruptcy
Chapter VII Who are Subject to Bankruptcy Law
Chapter VIII Bankruptcy of Partnerships
Chapter IX Bankruptcy of Corporations
Chapter X Petition and Adjudication
Chapter XI Suits by and Against the Bankrupt
Chapter XII Custody and Protection of Property Before Appointment of Trustee
Chapter XIII The Bankrupt, His Rights and Duties
Chapter XIV Exemptions of Bankrupt
Chapter XV Examinations in Bankruptcy
Chapter XVI Rights and Duties of Creditors
Chapter XVII Appointment, Qualification, and Tenure of Trustees
Chapter XVIII Powers and Duties of Trustee
Chapter XIX Property Vesting in Trustee
Chapter XX Effect of Bankruptcy on Existing Liens
Chapter XXI Suits by and Against Trustees in Bankruptcy
Chapter XXII Rights of Trustee as Against Prior Assignee for Creditors
Chapter XXIII Fraudulent Conveyances Voidable by Trustee
Chapter XXIV Sales of Property by Trustees
Chapter XXV Provable Debts and Claims
Chapter XXVI Proof and Allowance of Claims
Chapter XXVII Set-off of Mutual Debts
Chapter XXVIII Secured Creditors
Chapter XXIX Preferences and Preferred Creditors
Chapter XXX Debts Entitled to Priority
Chapter XXXI Dividends
Chapter XXXII Compositions
Chapter XXXIII Discharge of Bankrupt
Chapter XXXIV Debts Affected by Discharge
Chapter XXXV Revival of Debts Barred by Discharge
Chapter XXXVI Costs and Fees
Chapter XXXVII Crimes and Criminal Procedure
  Appendix 1591
  Table of Cases Cited 1715
  Index 1791

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